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Shield Roofing is your Weston WV metal roofing company contractor experts that provides exceptional residential and commercial metal roofing services to Weston WV and the surrounding communities throughout West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky.

As a certified metal roofing contractor, we are able to provide residential homes and commercial buildings throughout Weston WV high quality metal roofing from the leading metal roof brands. Shield Roofing is the market leader in metal roofing solutions that offer superior protection for your home or business. We provide new metal roofing installation and complete metal roofing replacement services to ensure that you receive the highest quality roofing solution to homeowners and business owners in Weston WV.

At Shield Roofing, we understand how vital it is to safeguard your investment; this is why we strive to provide the highest level of craftsmanship, professionalism and customer service to Weston WV in the residential metal roofing industry. Our expert Weston WV residential metal roofing team is ready to solve your roofing problems, from leaks and storm damage, to metal roof replacements and new metal roof construction. Shield Roofing is your one stop roofing company contractor for any and all Weston WV residential metal roofing services. There’s no point hiring different Weston WV roofing company contractors to install, maintain, and repair your roof.

Certified Metal Sales Metal Roofing Contractor for Weston WV

We have built a trusting partnership with the metal roofing manufacturer Metal Sales, to provide Weston WV with the very best metal roofing products in the industry. As a certified Metal Sales metal roofing contractor, we are able to distribute and install any and all Metal Sales residential and commercial metal roofing products to homeowners and businesses throughout Weston WV and the surrounding communities throughout West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky.


Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements, so it needs to be in excellent condition all year round. Shield Roofing strives to provide quality Weston WV residential metal roofing that will last you for years.

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As a Weston WV commercial metal roofing contractor, Shield Roofing specializes in metal roof installation, metal roof repairs, and metal roof maintenance for commercial businesses throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia.

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When you look at your roof, you may not even see the damage that has been done after a storm or simply after years of wear and tear. That’s why you should have your roof inspected by an experienced roofing contractor.

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